Top 10 List of Reasons why you should consider eStores for your promotional products programs

# 10 Ensure Merchandise quality
# 9 Ensure Branding accuracy
# 8 Maintain consistent Branding quality
# 7 Reduce costs and inefficiencies
# 6 Ensure availability and quick distribution of promotional products
# 5 The organization and consolidation of company wide promotional purchases
# 4 Facilitate both large and small orders
# 3 Serve all time zones and languages equally
# 2 eStore operates 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

And the number one reason why you should consider eStores is: 
# 1 Save money and guarantee product quality

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Are eStores necessary? …You be the judge

When identifying your need for eStores, here are some typical qualification questions to pose:

Do you…

  • employ 50 or more employees?
  • have a large sales team to motivate?
  • have a safety rewards program?
  • maintain a “Years of Service” program?
  • produce a brand that consumers desire (eg. Nike, Callaway, Tommy Hilfiger etc)
  • employ management staff?
  • have more than one location?
  • have other divisions who are also owned by the same “Umbrella” organization?
  • need better control over quality of all branded products?
  • need better control and tracking of company wide spending for their branded products?

If you answered yes to even 1 of the above, your company can benefit from an eStore.